Every year we as a church family contribute towards the United Appeal of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. We are given a target to reach but unfortunately we rarely reach our target. In case you are not sure what happens to the financial resources we provide to the United Appeal here is a short video explaining everything.

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Today Wendy took us through the journey from beginning to end of our Kiwoko Hospital Project.

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Time moves on and so do we at Ballygowan Presbyterian Church. Keeping up to date in the modern digital world is not so easy but we continually endeavour to use the available social media tools for the advancement of the gospel and of God's kingdom. But as we refresh our website with the launch of BALLYGOWANPRESBYTERIAN.COM we remember that we build on the work of others. A big thank you to Les Fergus for singlehandedly maintaining our previous website and of course to Andrew Norrie for being the technical wizard and design guru behind our new offering. We think it looks good but are interested in all and any views. Use the Contact page to fire through your comments and suggestions.

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