We are committed to telling people about the love of Jesus and promote justice at home and throughout the world


We are committed to telling people about the love of Jesus.

Wanting to be more effective in our mission activities in 2014 we re-invigorated our mission committee and started to seriously focus on mission at home and overseas.  We work in partnership with all to support mission activities right on our doorstep and farther afield. We desire to proclaim the Gospel in word and action.

We want to meet the needs of the poor and promote justice throughout God’s world.


In 2015 we began to raise funds for Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda to refurbish their outpatient and emergency departments. 


Find out more about the work we have been undertaking in Moldova.


Each January we host a mission week with a number of events running from Sunday to Sunday for people of all ages.


To keep up to date with our mission projects when not follow the link below to our mission blog to find out about the projects we've been supporting 


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In 2015 we partnered with Kiwoko Hospital, a Christian Hospital in Uganda and undertook to raise £40,000 to allow the hospital to completely refurbish its outpatient and emergency departments. Everyone in the church was involved and the resources were raised through a whole range of small and large fundraising events. Within 2 years we had reached our target of £40,000 and the work at Kiwoko Hospital began in earnest.  The work was carried out in stages and has now completed.

The hospital has started to use its brand new facilities.


Here is what Dr James from Kiwoko Hospital has to say …’we have now moved into our new facilities and the staff are delighted and seem re-energised. The brightness and newness is already bringing a sense of healing. We are at a loss to express our gratitude for all you have done. Kindly convey our gratitude to all our brothers and sisters at Ballygowan’

Also take a look at the pictures of the completed work – the new facilities do look amazing!


A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this amazing project. 

Our next project known as our United Appeal Plus project is now underway. We are determined to contribute more to our church’s mission at home and overseas as well as continue to support those mission activities that we have supported for years – like the Leprosy Mission.


We have rebranded our collection tubs and encourage everyone to use them to collect their loose change and in this way we can steadily improve our giving to mission at home and overseas.  Every penny counts and we can make a difference. Giving is a response to the grace that God extends to us.

We are also planning a number of special events to focus on the wider work of our church and to broaden our vision. The United Appeal for Mission is at the very heart of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Every aspect of the Church's mission depends to some extent on United Appeal. It supports projects, programmes and staff at home and overseas. It helps congregations and individuals to build God’s Kingdom through youth and children’s ministry, social action and the training of leaders. 




We hold a "Mission Week" in January each year were we run a series of meetings to highlight the work of different mission organisations at home or overseas.

In 2018 our Mission week focused on the work of Mission Africa and the work that the organisation is involved in overseas.

In previous years we have highlighted the work of Acre International, The Faith Mission and Open Doors.

More information about our Mission Week can be obtained from the mission committee by contacting the church office.


For the Glory of God, Ballygowan Presbyterian Church desires to see the making and maturing of disciples of Jesus Christ - this through worship, fellowship, service and evangelism.


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