Youth Organisation Registration Information for 2021/22

We can't wait to get our organisations up and running again during the Autumn term.

If your son / daughter would like to attend any of our organisations then download and complete the relevant forms below, then return them to the church office and we will get them to the correct leaders. 


If you have any queries please email


BB is hoping to restart on Friday 17th September and sections will run alternate weeks. More information will be sent to parents / guardians after registration. BB Fees for 2021/2022 will be £20 for Cabin Boys and £25 for all other sections.


GB is hoping to restart in October. More information will be sent to parents / guardians after registration. GB Fees for 2021/2022 will be confirmed shortly.

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The registration form above will cover all of these organisations. The restart dates for each of these organisations will differ, currently they are planned to restart as follows;


Girls Group - 4th October

Sunday School and Bible Class - Late September / Early October 2021. More information to follow after registration. 

Young Men's Group - 4th October


Youth Fellowship - 26th September


Youth Club - TBC Late September / October 2021

For the most up to date information about all our organisations check out our Youth App.