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Support & Mentoring

Jesus Values Relationship, and So Do We!

Relationships are fundamental to helping us grow and develop as human beings. Our relationships with others when we are young help to define the type of people we become. As Christians, it is important that we meet and spend time with other Christians to help and encourage us in our faith. To aid with this, we have launched our Mentoring Programme which is a simple programme that exists to help and encourage you.

We are committed to supporting children and young people as they navigate the high and low points of daily life and empowering them to make the right decisions to help them to grow in their faith.

We do this by providing pastoral support through one-to-one meetings and prayer requests for all children and young people who require it, tailoring our response to the individual needs of each young person. Sometimes a young person just needs someone to listen, sometimes they need signposted to support services and sometimes they need a little bit more care and support. Whatever it is, our youth team are dedicated to helping provide this.

Jesus spent the bulk of his ministry mentoring twelve everyday normal men - look at what they went on to achieve! That's why we are adding one-to-one or small group mentoring for all young people to the range of support programmes on offer.

We are still piloting a number of ways to deliver our mentoring programmes. If you would like to be involved, want more information, or have questions about how it might look for you, get in touch with Andrew today or sign up here.

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